Friday, November 5, 2010

Exhibit B-5 (The mistaken truth about a girl who was believed to be dead due to vehicular accident)

Here the video that explains the whole truth.

It was a month ago when i saw this video entitled " PRANK GONE WRONG - NOT FAKE". I was really terrified after seeing the video.

A girl being PRANKED got really so scared so she ran away without looking where she would go. Then a vehicle hit her and smashed her down, resulted to her death. Just this day, i found out the truth. It was all fake.

Here the the mistaken truth about that very famous video in YOUTUBE.

A statement from Cindy vela states that:

"Originally shot as a 4 minute short film, the 'court case' reference in the beginning of Exhibit B-5 is supposed to be the "backstory" of the short film. *Please note that other people who stole/downloaded the video from youtube uploaded only the last 1 minute of the short film and posted the 'not fake' or 'Prank gone Wrong' words in the title.* The original uploader of the video still has the 4 minute short film up and is named 'Exhibit B-5'. I am an actress and was contacted by the director to play the role. I did not have the idea, write, direct, OR upload the video. I didn't do it to boost my career, for example, I didn't sit down and think "Hey, I need to get on a crazy video." It was simply a job and like any acting job, I gave it my best effort. It ended up looking much more realistic than I thought it would. We have all seen accidents in films, but I didn't think it was going to look like Brad Pitt's 'Meet Joe Black'. No dolls were used and I can't say exactly how we did it, but I did have to lay on top of and underneath the car. I have to applaud the special effects team for creating it so realistically, but I do have to say that the first time I saw it I was shocked.
This was not a reenactment of any case, not a real story, not a promo for anything, not a marketing ploy for any video recorder and not a clip of a full length feature film."

Here is also a photo wher it shows that she is waving her hand in the middle of the road.

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